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EME>>, Estúdio Móvel Experimental, é uma residencia móvel de pesquisa integrada em meio ambiente e sustentabilidade, entre arte, ciência e tecnologia. O projeto tem duas funções principais: seu design ser ecológico, isto é, desenvolver a máquina para que seja coerente ao meio ambiente e abrir espaço para artistas desenvolverem ações artísticas em sítios específicos. Este projeto é direcionado como uma plataforma interdisciplinar de pesquisa com foco na Mata Atlântica e sustentabilidade.

Os artistas e pesquisadores residentes no EME>> visitarão alguns municípios do estado do Rio de Janeiro também como festivais de arte, mídia e exposições. Uma de suas funções é alcancar público por meio de intervenções urbanas, publicações, documentação e interação utilizando plataformas de novas mídias como internet e redes sociais. Através deste projeto multidisciplinar pretende-se enfatizar a conscientização ambiental, histórica e artística do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

EME >> Estúdio Móvel Experimental is a mobile residency working in a platform between art and science researching the natural environment and sustainability. EME >> has two main functions: as a customized camper van that is designed to be ecological, i.e., to adapt its machinery to the natural environment; and also as a mobile studio that can support facilities to explore the urban and natural environment, realize public/ live arts and educational events around the Guanabara Bay in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It opens space for artists and researchers to use the EME>> machine as a tool for communication and interface their work, the natural environment and the audience.

29 de nov de 2012

The workshop has started!

-->What a nice suprise to arrive on Rio de Janeiro on the day a big article about the project is published in the most important paper OGLOBO. Nearly a full page with two pictures! Pretty amazing! I travelled to Rio with two other collegues of the Solar World Cinema Foundation, as we just finished two other projects in Uruguay and Chili where we’ve set up two new solar cinema’s. The three of us meet up with Ivan, the director of EME >> mobile art studio. He takes us to an opening of an exhibition and whilst drinking on the street we chat with a lot of people and we quite a few have read the article in OGLOBO and will come to our shows.

21 November:

The workshop starts! We arrive at CEFET and invite students to come to the palestra where we introduce the project. In the last couple of months Ivan and I have been in contact with the students via a facebook group so some of the students we can now meet in real life! The auditorium fills up with interested stories and I introduce the project and talk about the international adventures of the solar cinema.
Eventhough i talk in english I have the idea most of the students even understand my story without Ivan’s translation in Portugese.
The group is really interested and have many good questions! Pretty full of energy we end the palestra and go and have a look at the van that will be converted into a solar cinema van!

Some how when seeing the van i get a little bit nostalgic: it’s an old T1 Volkswagen van! When i first started the solar cinema project 6 years ago, the solar cinema logo had a T1 VW van on it.....
 Soon we start unpacking all the solar-system elements and make a list of things that are missing. We end the day with the first technical plans for the installation.

22 November:
Today the construction of the solar system in the van will start! A big group of students is gathering to get involved. Numerous plans and ways to make the construction are discussed, and discussed and discussed again. Slowly but surely plans ar coming together and the students can be divided in to groups tp start working.
It’s great to see not only the students being involved but also several teachers love the project and are working with the student on it. The CEFET even has one ‘solar-energy’ specialist as a teacher, so this project really fits this school! We meet  Mr. Richter in the afternoon when he has just arrived back from a big ‘solar-comference in Peru’. We talk about the project and he decides to dedicate his eveningclasses to solar-energy and photovoltaic.
As we are still missing some essential technical parts for the installment we can only start really building things towards the end of the afternoon. In the meantime we visit the CEFET- TV studio and talk with the students, trying to start developping and idea about the programme-content. We also meet Moana from VideUrbe, a videoplatform that projects video in the city, making the city it’s projection screen, projecting on buildings, trees and pavements. With VideUrbe we will work together on one of the screening nights.
As we have not been able to really start building the solar construction I have a bit of a restless sleep, will all be ready on time?! Soon I find out: the brasilian way of working might differ from the dutch way but all things get done perfectly!

23 November:
On arrival at 10 am a small group of students is already working hard on the construction of the solar panels, the batteries are wired, a soundsystem is ready to be tested, a trailer for the projections has been finished and all other work is under control! Pretty amazing to see everyone now knows what to do, all work well together and i can just sit back and take some time to blog!

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